The Seventy Weeks of Daniel: Do you want to know the future? (Chinese) (Spanish) (Russian) (Hebrew) (Arabic) (Farsi/Persian)
What is Islam? What is the story behind the world's fastest growing religion?
God, Reason &Evidence
Gog, Magog and Bible Prophecy: See how the Bible foretold events taking place between Russia, Iran, and Israel
Is Evolution True? Where did life come from? (Chinese Version) (Russian)
The Truth about Creation A six part study about the evidence of creation.
The Messiah: Who is the Messiah of the Jews and Judaism?
Why Jesus? Should you choose to believe Jesus is the only way?
Farsi(Persian) (Russian) (Spanish)
Debunking The Da Vinci Code: The myth behind Dan Brown's book If they read the book, send them to this site. (Russian)
Biblical Archeology: an 11 part Study
Introduction to the End-Times
(Russian 1 2, 3,4) (Farsi/Persian)