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Tanakh (Old Testament) Prophecy about Messiah

The Books of Judaism foretell the coming of the Son of David, the Christians claim this is Jesus the Christ (Messiah).  Through the writings of the prophets, the Jewish Bible tells us where Messiah would be born, what he would do, what would happen to him, why he would suffer and how he would rule the world sitting on the throne of David. Is Jesus the Messiah of Israel? Christians say Yes! Jews so No!


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The Messiah of Judaism

Who is the Messiah the Jews are expecting to come?  Why did the Jews reject Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah?  These two questions often seem a mystery to many Christians as they read the Bible and study the prophets.  Before Yeshua, the Jews were waiting for the Messiah, but when Yeshua came and died, he did not fulfill this expectation.

            Today, Judaism still waits for the coming of the Messiah, but who are they expecting?  What qualifications need to met by the Messiah.  Moses Ben Maimon (Maimonides), also called Rambam[1] (1135-1204), wrote in his Thirteen Articles of Faith[2], that belief in the Messiah was required for a Jew to be resurrected.  The 12th and 13th articles both deal with Redemption, which will come in the days of Messiah.

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Is Jesus Messiah Part 1

John 3:16 Challenge Coin


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