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Mormonism Unvailed
1. Smith & Harris
2. Golden Bible
3. Book of Mormon
4. 1Nephi - 2Nephi
5. a. 2Nephi
    b. Jacob - Mosiah
6. Book of Alma
7. Remainder of Book
8. Rigdon Converted
9. In Kirtland
10. In Missouri
11. Spiritual Gifts
12. Missouri Problems
13. Mormon War I
14. Mormon War II
15. 1831 Ezra Booth Letters
16. Mormon Revelations
17.Hurlbut Affidavits,   Isaac Hale
18.  Anthon Affair
19.  Authorship of Solomon Spalding




With the spread of  Mormonism following the publication of the Book of Mormon by Joseph Smith, Ed Howe investigated the claims and the author.  This book is the result of his research published 4 years after the Book of Mormon.