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January 2008 February  2008 March 2008 April 2008
Seal to the First Temple found 1/17/08
  Iran: Israel would not dare attack Iran! 1/17/08
  Scientist trying to create Human-Animal embryo 1/17/08
Gold $1000/ounce! 1/17/08
  National ID card becoming reality 1/17/08
Israel test fires long range missile 1/17/08
  French President reference to God upsets France 1.17/08
Gold nears $1000/ounce 2/27/08
Oil nears $102/Barrel 2/27/08
EU fines Microsoft 1.3 Billion 2/27/08
Kosovo Serbs call for Russian troops 2/27/08
Egypt reports 44th case of bird flu virus 2/26/08
Earthquake Damages Temple Mount 2/16/08
May 2008 June 2008 July 2008 August 2008
Missing bees and the food you eat 6/30/0
Dobson: Obama distorting the Bible 6/30/08
Obama changes the presidential seal 6/30/08
Oil 143 on Iran threats 6/30/08
Iran: Israel no match for our defenses 6/3/08
Israel tells people to prepare for earthquakes 6/30/08
1400 fires in California 6/30/08
UK to microchip prisoners 6/21/08
Al Gore: Do as I say not as I do! 6/18/08
Making Christianity criminal in America 6/18/08
EU Navy in the making 6/17/08
France wants to create EU military 6/17/08
EU improves relations with Israel 6/17/08
Date tree sprouts from 2000-year old seed 6/13/08
Ireland warned about EU "NO" vote  6/13/08
John Quincy Adams wrote about Islam in 1827 6/13/08
Obama's "Lucky Charms" 6/13/08
The coming EU military 6/13/08
Tony Blair's desire to lead a world faith 6/1/08
Michelle Obama: Barack  to establish gay marriage 7/14/08
Christians boycott McDonalds on pro-gay agenda 7/14/0
Russia to aim missiles at Europe 7/14/08
Scenario for the end of the world 7/13/0
Iran test fires missiles capable of hitting Israel 7/11/08
Oil reaches $147 on Iran missile tests 7/11/08
Russia warns US on missile deal 7/9/08
Getting ready for the Third Temple 7/10/08
Russia warns about attack on Iran 7/2/08
Oil 144! 7/2/08
Third Temple preparations begin 7/2/08
Pakistan give US permission to strike Bin Laden 7/2/08

Obama opposes ban on gay marriage 7/1/08            

Only 26% of Christians say Jesus is the only way 7/1/08
September 2008 October 2008 November 2008 December 2008

Episcopal Church ousts conservative bishop 9/29/08  
 Hamas accuses Israel trying to destroy Al-Aqsa 924/08   Video  
North Korea to restart reactor 9/24/08   Israel: Sanctions on Iran dead! 9/24/08   EU Warns Iran close to nuclear capacity 9/24/08  
Russia sends warship into the Caribbean 9/23/08   Ahmadinejad: US empire nearing end 9/23/08  
DVD "Obsession" about Islam sent to millions of homes 9/23/08  
Ukraine government falling
Russia takes emergency measures shutting markets 9/18/08  
Hamas' leaders son becomes a Christian 9/18/08  
U.S. Officials Bust Weapons Ring Exporting Components to Iran
  US to sell bunker busters to Israel 9/16/08  
Barbara Streisand headlines celebratory fundraiser for Obama 9/16/08   Russia vies for Artic control 9/16/08   Pakistan orders troops to fire on US 9/16/08
  Iran outraged at Israel's threat 9/12/0   Pakistan accuses US of terror 9/12/08   US refuses to give Israel weapons to attack Iran 9/11/08  
BBC Poll: World wants Obama
  Russia sends bombers to Venezuela 9/11/08   Earthquakes shake Asia 9/11/08





  Democrats plan to confiscate 401k's 10/28/08
  NKorea threatens to turn SKorea into 'debris'...10/28/08
  GM, CHRYSLER Ask for $10 Billion to Aid Merger...10/28/08
  Skinheads Charged With Plotting to Kill Obama 10/28/08
  Britain urges Israel to stop settlements 10/28/08
  Israel takes a turn to the right 10/28/08
  Obama Memoir: 'I chose my friends carefully... the Marxist professors and structural feminists'... 10/28/08
  Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi endorses Obama calling him a Muslim 10/20/08
  Gay Marriage in California, Prop 8 neck and neck (video) 10/20/08
  OPEC to reduce oil supply 10/20/08
  Murtha Says Western Pa. 'Really Redneck'... 10/20/08
  Killed for being Christian 10/20/08
  Obama-Ayers tried to radicalize Chicago schools 10/16/08
  Synagogue near Temple Mount opened 10/16/08
  Global sell off 10/6/08
  Obama linked to terrorist 10/6/08
  Russia sends warship to Venezuela 10/6/08





  Russia to base missiles on EU border... 11/05/08
  Muslims ban French Magazine 11/05/08
  California voters approve gay marriage ban... 11/05/08
  Obama wins, Israel uneasy 11/05/08
  Catholics, Muslims open talks at Vatican 11/04/0
  World cheers OBAMA! 11/4/08















Russia to supply fighter jets to Lebanon 12/16/08   Russia navy ships head to Cuba 12/16/08   Major riots scheduled for Greece 12/16/08   Madoff losses devastate Jewish community 12/15/08   Iran control of Hamas grows 12/15/08   Israel's coming test for Obama 12/15/08   IDF prepares to strike Iran 12/04/08   Russian warship to cross Panama Canal 12/04/08   Iran nears nuclear break out capacity within months 12/4/08   Oil prices fall to 3½-year lows... 12/3/08
GOP Senator slams as 'Godless'.. 12/3/08
  OBAMA YEAR ONE: IRAN WITH NUKE BOMB... 12/3/08   Metal prices fall further than during Great Depression... 12/3/08   NATO backs US missile shield over Russian protest 12/3/08   'Why believe in a god?' ads draw scorn 12/3/08