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Mormonism Unvailed by E.D. Howe. In 1834 E.D. Howe revealed the real history behind Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.
The History and beliefs of Mormonism
History and beliefs of Mormonism Pdf version 224 kb
Answering Mormonism How to respond to Mormon claims using the history and facts of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later day saints.
Answering Mormonism..Pdf Version 264 kb
By his own hand upon Papyrus: Read this book online, order a free copy or buy the video A powerful book for anybody wanting to examine if Joseph Smith is a prophet.
  The Book of Abraham Papyri and Joseph Smith
Is Mormonism Christian?
  Is The Book of Mormon
Another Testament of Jesus Christ?
  Interesting Quotes from Mormonism's founder, Joseph Smith
The Book of Abraham and Joseph Smith
Who is the Mormon Jesus