Islamic Resources

The Seventy Weeks of Daniel: How the future of Al Aqsa will effect the whole earth.
What is Islam? What is the story behind the fastest going religion in the world.
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Answering Islam: How can a Christian respond to a Muslim
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Sources of Islam: This book written 100 years ago reveals the sources of the writings we know of as the Koran.
The Jewish Foundation of Islam: An in-depth series of lectures on the link between Islam and Judaism.
The Quran: The Rodwell Translation with notes: Sura 1, 2, 3
The Muslim Christ:The Jesus of Islam is different then the Jesus of Christianity. Samuel Zwemer's book show the difference between the "Muslim Jesus" and the Jesus of the Bible.
The Quran:The Scripture of Islam By John Gilchrist What is the story behind the Quran? The composition and character of the Quran. The principle and tenets of Islamic faith How the Koran was collected and origins of its contents
Bell's Introduction to the Qur'an revised by Montgomery Watt.
  The Sahih Bukhari Hadith (Translation) Under construction
  Behind the Veil: What is the story behind Islam. This book gives insight to the untold story of Islam
  Timothy Abraham's Story:
Born in Egypt, he became a member of The Islamic Brotherhood and his desire was to spread the teachings of the Prophet to the whole world.
  Ester's Story: How a Muslim girl found Christ.