Christian Sources

The Seventy Weeks of Daniel:  The timeline for Messiah, the exact month and year of Jesus death over 550 before Jesus.
The End-times: 12 articles detailing end-time events
The Book of Revelation: Chapter commentaries on the book of Revelation.
Apologetics:12 articles on Apologetic topics, covering the existence of God, the Bible and its evidence and the identity of Jesus.
The prophecies of Messiah  :  The prophecies of who the Messiah is and how they are confirmed in Jesus Christ.
Is the New Testament Historical?: What is the evidence behind the New Testament?
  The Book of Hebrews: The Supremacy of Messiah
Challenging the Cults: How  Christians can challenge the cults using logic, evidence and reason.
Debunking The Da Vinci Code: The myth behind Dan Brown's book
Daniel: Key to Bible Prophecy An detailed study of the book of Daniel