Evolution vs. Adaptation


Evolution:  (Macro-Evolution) Large scale changes requiring  new information being introduced into the organism.  New information is caused by “Mutation”.  For example a lizard developing wings.  This is fictional not proven in evolution, often  micro-evolution (Adaptation) is used as proof of “Macro-evolution”.  This is the bait and switch method, people acknowledge adaptation.. They assume Macro-evolution is the same.

Evolution:  (Micro-Evolution) Small scale changes  in the organism, changes coded within its genetic code. These changes are adaptations to its environment, for example the color of eyes, pigment, hair, size, etc.  Dog, Coyote, Wolf and Fox are all from the same “Kind” with adaptation.   Adaptation is  verifiable with the  “Scientific Method” and is often used falsely  as proof of “Macro-Evolution”.