Piltown Man Fraud

Piltdown Man Dawsons Man

  Atheist make a big deal about science proving God does not exist and that “Humanity” is descended from “Apes”.  Many people accept this as fact without question, before you accept it as fact you should spend some time and look up the hoax of Piltdown Man.  

  Piltdown man was “discovered” in 1912 and hailed as a link to our past, in 1953 it was revealed Piltdown was a fraud.  The great anthropologists of the day were duped by this fraud for 40-years.   It was hailed as a great scientific discovery, taught in universities and high schools as evidence of evolution.  Sir Arthur Keith hailed as the greatest anthropologist of his day was regarded as an “Expert” on Piltdown Man (a.k.a. Dawson's Man)

What went wrong?   “Objective” Scientists were more interested in convincing you the masses that “Evolution” was true then they were in facts. They felt justified to lie.  Today few people know about Piltdown man, because it exposes the lie that Science is only “Objective”.