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  Reasons to Believe in God    

Introduction to the Belief, Faith and Evidence

Introduction to the Existence of God



Video on Faith

Video on the Cosmological Argument


Reason 1: The Cosmological Argument

2  Reason 2: The Design Argument  PDF  
3  Reason 3: The Moral Argument  PDF  
4  Reason 4: DNA the Alphabet of life  PDF  
5  Reason 5: The First Cell  PDF  
6  Reason 6: Protein Manufacture: Ribosomes Prove the Existence of God  PDF  
  Reasons to Believe in the Bible    
7  Reason 7: The Dead Sea Scrolls  PDF  Video
8  Reason 8: The Historicity of the Old Testament  PDF  Video
9  Reason 9: Evidence of a worldwide flood  PDF  Video
10  Reason 10: The Human Fossil Record proves the Bible is True  PDF  Video
11  Reason 11: The Discovery of Dinosaur Soft Tissue  PDF  Video
12  Reason 12: Bible Archeology proves the Bible is True  PDF  Video
13  Reason 13: The Septuagint: The Greek Translation of the Old Testament    
14  Reason 14: The Historicity of the New Testament    
15  Reason 15: Archeological and Non-Christian Witness of the New Testament    
16  Reason 16: Jerusalem the focus of World Attention    
17  Reason 17: The Restoration of Israel  PDF  
   Reasons to Believe in Jesus    
18 Reason 18: Isaiah 53: Evidence of Jesus as the Messiah 700 years before His birth  PDF  
19  Reason 19: Isaiah 9:6-7:The Messiah is God not just in the New Testament    
20  Reason 20: The Seventy Weeks of Daniel PDF  
21  Reason 21: The Shroud of Turin PDF  
22  Reason 22: Matthew 24 Prophecy about Jesus and the End of Days
23  Reason 23: Revelation 11: Jesus Two Witnesses and the Description of Satellite Television    
24  Reason 24: Psalm 2 and 22, Description of Messiah as King and Suffering Servant    
25 Reason 25: Zechariah 12:9-10, The First and Second Coming of the Messiah